Cane Corso Bulldog Mix: Interesting Fact You Need to Know

The Cane Corso Bulldog Mix, also known as the “Bulldog Corso,” is a hybrid dog breed that has recently gained popularity. 

This unique crossbreed results from breeding a Cane Corso with an English Bulldog and combines the traits of both parents generate to create a loyal, protective, and affectionate companion. With a muscular build, broad head, and short snout, the Cane Corso Bulldog Mix is a robust, sturdy dog well-suited to guard and protect its family. 

This article will explore this breed’s origins, characteristics, and care requirements, helping prospective owners determine whether the Cane Corso Bulldog Mix is the right fit for them.

A Brief Overview of Cane Corso Bulldog Mix

Height16–20 inches
Weight50–90 pounds
Lifespan10–13 years
ColorsBrindle, Fawn, Red, Grey, Black, Chestnut
Suitable forOwners looking for a medium-sized, strong, and affectionate dog
TemperamentVigilant, reserved, protective, loyal, and affectionate
A brief summary of Bulldog Corso

Parents of Cane Corso and Bulldog Mix

History of Cane Corso Italiano

History of Cane Corso Italiano

The Cane Corso is a dog breed that’s not for the faint-hearted. With their history as hunting dogs, they have an intense prey drive, and they don’t usually play nicely with other animals.

One thing that makes this breed stand out is its jaw power. With a bite force of around 700 PSI, they can bite harder than a lion! They don’t need much effort to crush small bones or rip through flesh, so beware!

Despite their impressive bite force, Cane Corsos can be loving and gentle with people they know. However, they can be too much of a handful for inexperienced owners. These dogs require expert training, handling, and lots of physical activity to keep them in check.

History of The Bulldog

The Bulldog, a hunky dog breed hailing from England, is an iconic symbol of strength and determination. Initially bred for sport, these dogs had a purpose beyond just companionship. Unfortunately, their fate became uncertain when the game was outlawed, and they were nearly driven to extinction.

But thanks to some dedicated breeders and fans, these dogs are now famous worldwide and have been tinkered with to produce genuinely remarkable variations. Today, there are four popular variations of the Bulldog: 

  • The American Bulldog
  • The French Bulldog
  • The Olde English Bulldogge
  • The English Bulldog. 

Each breed has unique traits and characteristics that make them stand out in the dog world.

1. American Bulldog

What is an American Bulldog?

American Bulldogs are the biggest of all the Bulldog breeds and are on par with the Cane Corso in size. Can you believe it? These bad boys are descendants of the original Old English Bulldog but eventually evolved into their breed.

Listen to this, though. The American Bulldog has recently made it onto the AKC’s radar, and their breed standards are still in the works. 

BreedAmerican Bulldog
Size groupLarge
Height (inches)Males: 22-27 inches
Females: 20-25 inches
Weight (pounds)Males: 75-100 pounds
Females: 60-80 pounds.
ColorBlack, white, brown, fawn
Lifespan10-12 years
A brief summary of American Bulldog

2. French Bulldog

What is a French Bulldog?

The French Bulldog, or Frenchie, is a tiny, pint-sized puppy about snuggling up in your lap. But don’t let their small size fool you! Their unique physical features, like their pointy, bat-like ears, set them apart from all other bulldog breeds.

These little guys have much in common with their bigger Bulldog cousins, who originated from the Old English Bulldog breed. Despite their small stature, they still have the same shredded physique and characteristic skull typical of the Bulldog breed.

BreedFrench Bulldog
Size groupToy
Height (inches)11-13 inches
Weight (pounds)<28 pounds
ColorBrindle, fawn, cream, white
Lifespan10-12 years
A brief summary of Frenchie

3. Olde English Bulldogge

What is an Olde English Bulldogge?

Welcome to the fascinating world of Olde English Bulldogges! Despite their name, these dogs are purely American creations. They are a recreation of the extinct Old English Bulldog, achieved through careful breeding involving various Mastiff breeds.

While they haven’t gained AKC recognition yet, Olde English Bulldogges are notably sturdier and healthier than the traditional English Bulldog. If you’re seeking a robust Bulldog breed, these fellows are a top choice!

BreedOlde English Bulldog
Size groupMedium
Height (inches)Males: 17-20 inches
Females: 16-19 inches
Weight (pounds)Males: 60-80 pounds
Females: 50-70 pounds
ColorBrindle, fawn, red, white, black
Lifespan11-13 years
A brief summary of Old English Bulldog

4. English Bulldog

What is an English Bulldog?

Behold, the mighty English Bulldog! Or, put the Bulldog. This is the real deal, folks, the original Bulldog breed. However, let’s be honest. After many rounds of hand-picking and selective breeding, they no longer resemble their rugged and robust predecessors.

The AKC has approved these purebred English Bulldogs, who are now living the good life, as charming and well-behaved companions. They’ve retired from their rough-and-tumble past and are now living their best lives.

BreedEnglish Bulldog
Size groupSmall-to-medium
Height (inches)Males & females: 14-16 inches
Weight (pounds)Males: 50 pounds
Females: 40 pounds
ColorBrindle, fawn, red, grey, black, chestnut
Lifespan8-10 years
A brief summary of english Bulldog

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix Breed

The Cane Corso mixed breeds are truly remarkable. Combining the exceptional Cane Corso with other breeds has led to remarkable results. A particularly successful mix has been with Bulldogs, resulting in a generation of healthy, affectionate, vigilant, and athletic dogs.”

1. Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix

What is a King Corso American Bulldog?

The Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix, also known as the King Corso American Bulldog Mix, is a formidable hybrid breed gaining popularity. With its imposing size and strength inherited from its parents, it makes a powerful watchdog and protector.

While loyal and hardworking, it tends to be reserved around strangers and other pets. Proper socialization and training are crucial for this breed to thrive as a companion, but in the right hands, it can be an excellent guardian.”

2. Cane Corso French Bulldog Mix

What is a Cane Corso French Bulldog Mix?

This hybrid breed combines the large Cane Corso with the smaller French Bulldog, resulting in a pup smaller than the mother but larger than the father. Expect a less energetic dog than a pure Cane Corso, with a penchant for attention like the Frenchie parent. Due to its size, it’s more manageable, but early socialization is important.”

3. Olde English Bulldog Cane Corso Mix

What is an Olde English Bulldog Cane Corso Mix?

Meet the healthy powerhouse: the Cane Corso Olde English Bulldog Mix. Combining the robust Cane Corso and the resilient Olde English Bulldogge, this breed is built to last.

With a strong, muscular physique inherited from both parents, this mix enjoys excellent health and longevity. Beyond its vitality, it also excels as a loyal and protective watchdog, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a healthy and devoted companion.

4. Cane Corso English Bulldog Mix

What is a Cane Corso English Bulldog Mix

Meet the delightful Cane Corso English Bulldog Mix, a blend of two wonderful breeds – the Cane Corso and the English Bulldog. This hybrid is known for its laid-back and affectionate nature, making it great for social gatherings. Despite its smaller size, it still requires an experienced owner’s guidance and care.

Interesting facts You Need to Know

Interesting Facts about Can Corso bulldog Mix

1. Most Cane Corso Bulldog Mixes Have a Cane Corso mommy

In Cane Corso Bulldog Mixes, the Cane Corso mommy is usually the boss. When breeding mixed-breed dogs, having the giant breed as the mother is safer to avoid any issues during pregnancy or birth. 

Since the Cane Corso is generally the giant breed, it’s common for the female to be the Cane Corso. The American Bulldog is the only exception, as it is comparable in size to the Cane Corso.

2. The Cane Corso English Bulldog Mix Has Mastiff Ancestry

The intriguing history of the Cane Corso English Bulldog Mix can be traced back to their Mastiff ancestry. Both breeds share roots with the ancient Molossus, a Mastiff-type dog. The Cane Corso, also known as the Italian Mastiff, served as guard and hunting dogs in ancient Rome. Bulldogs, another breed related to the Molossus, originated in Asia and later migrated to Britain, where they were bred for bull baiting.


Is Bulldog Corso Mix easy to train?

The Cane Corso Bulldog Mix is a big pup, and you need to train them to stay chill so that they don’t accidentally harm little ones or other dogs. And you must be confident and firm during training—let the dog know you’re always the boss.

But don’t always be too harsh; these dogs love making their humans happy and respond well to positive reinforcement and tasty treats as rewards.

Exercise Requirements

The energy level of a Cane Corso Bulldog Mix can vary depending on the Bulldog breed it is mixed with. American and French Bulldogs can make the mix highly active, and you must provide them with at least 2 hours of exercise, or they might become destructive.

With their powerful jaws, you don’t want them to act up. On the other hand, mixing a Cane Corso with an English or old English Bulldog will result in a calmer dog that can do with a light walk and some games for an hour. So, know your dog’s breed mix and tailor their exercise routine accordingly.

Grooming and Cleaning

The Cane Corso Bulldog Mix has a short coat that doesn’t need much grooming.

  • Nonetheless, these dogs have wrinkles and creases on their skin that require frequent cleaning; otherwise, they may get infected. To maintain your Cane Corso Bulldog Mix’s skin hygiene, wipe it down with a damp towel when it’s dirty.
  • Bathing your dog too often can dry out its skin and promote dander production.
  • Remember your dog’s dental and ear hygiene; brushing its teeth and cleaning its ears regularly can prevent infections and health problems.

Food and Diet

The amount of grub a Cane Corso Bulldog Mix requires relies on its age, dimensions, and exercise regimen. 

Since these dogs can grow as large as a Cane Corso or as small as a French Bulldog, suggesting a standard caloric intake is perplexing. 

To avoid confusion, you should seek guidance from a veterinarian on the appropriate diet and portion size for your furry friend.

Common Health Issues

The Cane Corso Bulldog Mix can inherit many health problems from its parent breeds! Get ready for some possible issues that could crop up with this dog.

is Corso Bulldog Mix healthy?

1. Hip dysplasia 

Hip dysplasia is a gnarly health condition that the Cane Corso Bulldog Mix could inherit. This bone problem can cause severe pain and discomfort for the dog when walking. 

In some severe cases, the only remedy is surgery, and the condition can cause arthritis in old age. So it’s essential to watch for any signs of discomfort or difficulty in movement.

2. Bloat

Bloat is a gnarly condition that can be life-threatening. It happens when your Cane Corso Bulldog Mix’s tummy swells with gas or, in some cases, fluid. When this happens, the stomach can twist, which hinders blood flow to crucial organs. This can lead to death if not treated promptly.

3. Respiratory problems 

These puppies are often prone to brachycephalism, which stems from their short muzzles and broad, flat faces. Unfortunately, not only Bulldogs, Pugs, and Shih Tzus suffer from respiratory problems, but our furry friends can face the same challenges due to their unique head structure. The shape of their heads can sometimes obstruct their airways, making breathing harder for them.

4. Eye problems

Cherry eye is a weird condition that Cane Corso Bulldog Mix dogs can suffer from. It’s when a tear gland in the third eyelid prolapses, which means it bulges out of its position. It doesn’t cause pain but looks creepy and can get infected if the dog keeps scratching it.

5. Heart conditions

Another health concern that the Cane Corso Bulldog Mix might inherit from its Bulldog parent: is heart problems! Bulldogs are more prone to heart issues than many other dog breeds.

6. Cancer

The Cane Corso Bulldog Mix’s health risks are influenced by its genetic mix. Bulldogs have a higher cancer risk, especially English Bulldogs. The hybrid’s genetic diversity may lower this risk, but it’s essential to monitor for cancer symptoms and address them promptly.

7. Patellar luxation

A misalignment of the kneecap, also known as patellar luxation, can cause severe discomfort and pain for the Cane Corso Bulldog Mix. This can result in the kneecap popping in and out of the joint, which is painful and can lead to arthritis if left untreated.

8. Dental problems

Cane Corso Bulldog Mix, like Bulldogs, can suffer from dental issues. Their skulls and jaws’ shape can lead to teeth crowding and even missing teeth. This can cause pain and discomfort and may require dental treatment from a veterinarian.

List of dogs that are similar to Cane Corso Bulldog Mix

Frequently Asked Questions


In conclusion, Cane Corso Bulldog Mix is a unique hybrid breed that combines the loyalty and protective nature of the Cane Corso with the affectionate and loving personality of the English Bulldog.

 As with any breed, it is essential to understand the characteristics and care requirements of the Cane Corso Bulldog Mix before bringing one into your home. With proper training and socialization, this breed can make a great companion and guard dog for those who appreciate their strength and loyalty. 

Ultimately, whether this breed is the right fit for you depends on your lifestyle, experience with dogs, and ability to provide the necessary care and attention.

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