French Bulldog Husky Mix: Dive into the Interesting World

The French Bulldog Husky Mix, also known as the French Bullsky or the French Husky, is a captivating and unique hybrid breed that results from breeding a French Bulldog with a Siberian Husky. This crossbreed typically inherits the compact size and adorable appearance of the French Bulldog, along with the striking coat and energetic personality of the Husky.

The French Bulldog Husky Mix is a friendly, affectionate, and playful dog that makes a great companion for families, individuals, or those who live in apartments or smaller homes. With their high energy levels and intelligence, these dogs love to learn new tricks and engage in physical activities, making them a great choice for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a lovable and unique dog that’s sure to steal your heart, the French Bulldog Husky Mix might be the perfect addition to your family.

A brief overview of French Bulldog Husky Mix

Other NamesFrench Bullsky, Frenchie Husky Mix, Husky French Bulldog Mix, Siberian Husky and French Bulldog Mix
Purity Crossbred
AKC RecognitionNo
Weight Range35-45 pounds
Height Range12-18 inches
ColorsBicolor or tricolor combinations of brindle, white, black, red, fawn, chocolate, agouti, grey, sable, etc.
Child friendlinessHigh
Canine friendlinessHigh
Training difficultyChallenging
Grooming needsLow-medium
Exercise needsHigh
Average Lifespan10-16 years
Average Puppy cost$300-$800
A brief summary of Frenchie Husky Mix

What is a French Bulldog Husky Mix?

What is a French Bullsky?

The French Bulldog Husky Mix, often referred to as a “French Bullsky,” is a mixed breed resulting from the pairing of a French Bulldog and a Husky

Parent Breeds of French Bulldog Husky Mix

Origins and history of French Bulldog

History of French Bulldog

This charming canine first made its debut during the 1800s in the land of tea and crumpets, England. However, it was across the Channel, in the land of haute cuisine and high fashion, that the breed truly made its mark. The French nobility took one look at these bat-eared furballs and fell head over heels in love with their playful, affectionate nature, petite size, and singular appearance.

Interestingly, the defining characteristic of the French Bulldog, those adorable bat-like ears, were initially seen as a flaw by English breeders. But in the hands of the French, these pups became a beloved and cherished breed, gradually evolving over time through breeding with various other canine breeds.

This resulted in a reduction in size and a distancing from their English Bulldog ancestors, ultimately leading to the establishment of the breed we know and love today, with the fitting name of the French Bulldog.

Far from the slow and lumbering English Bulldog, the French Bulldog is a slim, lithe, and agile canine, with the signature Bulldog stance, squished face, and muscular build that make them so instantly recognizable and endearing. While they may not be classified as a working breed, these delightful pups make excellent urban pets, with their easy maintenance and adaptability to city life.

So, whether you’re a French noble or just a regular person looking for a loving and loyal companion, the French Bulldog is sure to steal your heart and leave you smitten for years to come!

Origins and history of Siberian Husky 

History of Husky

This incredible canine has its roots in the icy tundra of northeast Siberia, where the indigenous Chukchi people first domesticated them for hunting and guarding. But it wasn’t long before these pups showed their true potential, proving invaluable in pulling heavy loads across vast distances in the harshest of weather conditions.

The Husky’s versatility is nothing short of impressive, with their strength, stamina, and unflinching loyalty to humans making them the ultimate working dog. From sledding to racing, freighting to beauty competitions, these remarkable pups can do it all, earning them their place as one of the most popular breeds on the planet.

Of course, the Husky’s unique appearance is also worth mentioning, with their striking resemblance to their wild wolf ancestors, combined with their sharp intelligence, boundless athleticism, and friendly nature.

But despite their affable demeanor, make no mistake, these are bona fide working dogs, and as such, they don’t make the best family pets. In fact, they require constant stimulation and activity, or they risk becoming restless and destructive.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Husky is that they don’t bark, opting instead for howling and whining to communicate with their human and canine counterparts. So, if you’re looking for a loyal and hardworking companion with a voice all their own, look no further than the incomparable Siberian Husky!

What Does a French Bulldog Husky Mix Look Like?

The physical appearance of the French Bulldog and Husky Mix is a thing of wonder. This crossbreed is a medium-sized canine weighing somewhere between 35 and 45 pounds. You might find a French Bulldog Husky Mix with a thick, double coat or a smooth single coat, and their tails could be equally as diverse.

When it comes to their face, the Husky French Bulldog Mix can take after their French Bulldog parent with their famous bat-like ears and squished nose or their Husky parent with triangle ears and a long, narrow snout. Their tails could be bushy or not, depending on the coat they inherit.

One thing is for sure, though. The French Bulldog Husky Mix is an alluring pooch that can take after either parent and still look absolutely stunning.

Size, height, and weight 

The French Bulldog Husky Mix, or as some call it, the French Bullsky, is a unique offspring that owes its characteristics to the size difference of its parent breeds.

The Siberian Husky and the French Bulldog have distinct builds, which is why their offspring may have a medium-sized build. It all comes down to genetics and which genes are dominant.

Since the Siberian Husky is larger than the French Bulldog, the French Bullsky will most likely be medium-sized, standing between 12 to 22 inches in height and weighing anywhere from 35 to 45 pounds, depending on their diet and exercise.

Size groupSmall-mediumSmall-medium
Height Range12-18 inches12-17 inches
Weight Range35-45 lbs35-40 lbs
A brief overview of Siberian Husky and French Bulldog Mix’s size

Coat colors and types

The French Bulldog parent breed can come in various colors, patterns, and markings, including fawn, white, tan, cream, brindle, lilac, lilac and tan, brindle and tan, and merle and isabella.

Siberian Huskies, on the other hand, can come in black, red, sable, agouti, white, and gray. These colors can be combined, resulting in various color combinations, such as black and white, sable and white, silver and gray, red and white, and black and tan.

With so many possibilities, it’s difficult to imagine how many colors and patterns a French Bullsky puppy could inherit from its parents. The French Bulldog Husky Mix can come in shades of white, black, gray, brindle, fawn, black and tan, lilac, sable and white, lilac and tan, gray and white, and many more.

This unpredictability in coat and eye colors makes it impossible for breeders to predict the exact color of a French Bullsky puppy, adding to the excitement and mystery of owning one of these unique and beautiful dogs.

Temperament and Personality

What is a temperament of Frenchie Husky mix?

The French Bullsky’s personality is a mix of two incredible breeds. The French Bulldog has a great personality, they’re hilarious, laid-back, affectionate, and loyal. Meanwhile, the Siberian Husky is a loud, strong-willed, and energetic dog with a high prey drive.

With a combination of these two breeds, the French Bulldog Husky Mix is an outgoing and high-energy dog with an affectionate and cuddly side. This pup loves to run, play, exercise and is always happy to have a job to do.

It’s important to keep this dog entertained and mentally stimulated. If they get bored, their behavior might turn destructive. So, make sure to provide them with enough playtime and daily exercise!

Thanks to their protective nature from Huskies and the loyalty to their owner from Frenchies, French Bullskies are excellent guard dogs and make a great addition to any family.

Is French Bulldog Husky Mix a good fit for families?

Absolutely, You bet! They’re chill with kids and love getting their game on with them. Plus, if you got another pup in your crib, the Husky Frenchie is all good with that. Just watch out if you got small critters around, cuz they might trigger their hunting instinct. But with some socializing and training, you can manage that behavior without sweat.

Is the French Bulldog Husky Mix aggressive?

Not at all! This hybrid pooch is not aggressive by nature, but they will act as a watchdog and protect their loved ones if they sense danger. Their friendly and outgoing personality means they won’t pose a threat to anyone, and they’ll likely greet strangers with open paws!


Training for French Bulldog Husky Mix

Are you ready to take on the challenge of a French Bullsky? This designer dog might be cute and cuddly, but he sure can be stubborn and headstrong.

You’ll need a lot of patience, love, and persistent training to handle this pup’s need to wander off and be independent.

The French Bulldog Husky Mix is a moderately trainable dog that’s intelligent and quick to learn. But don’t be surprised if he chooses to ignore your “boring” requests.

To keep this high-energy dog busy, you must provide constant mental stimulation and enough room for exercise. Otherwise, you might end up with a zooming and barking pup in your house.

Early socialization is essential to prevent unwanted behavior as your French Bullsky grows older. This pup is not suitable for first-time dog owners, so be sure to do your research before committing.

If you’re up for the challenge, the French Bullsky can be a wonderful addition to your family. Just remember to give him plenty of attention, training, and exercise to keep him happy and healthy.

Exercise Requirements

The French Bulldog Husky Mix is a high-energy pup that requires plenty of exercise to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing. They are a lively breed that loves to engage in various activities such as playing fetch, going to the park, and running around in the yard. Without proper exercise, your Frenchie Husky Mix can become restless and even destructive.

It’s essential to keep in mind that your Husky French Bulldog Mix’s exercise needs will depend on their genetics. If they inherit the French Bulldog’s brachycephalic anatomy, they won’t be able to handle strenuous activities.

Conversely, if your pup has inherited the Husky’s thick double coat, they won’t do well in hot weather and can quickly develop heat exhaustion. Therefore, it’s crucial to tailor their exercise routine to their specific needs and limitations to prevent any health issues.

Living Conditions

The French Bulldog and Husky Mix is quite an adaptable pup that can thrive in different living conditions. They’re not too picky when it comes to their environment and can do well in moderate weather conditions. Plus, they can even handle cold weather like a boss!

However, keep in mind that this canine needs lots of exercises to stay healthy and happy. So, if you’re thinking of getting a French Bulldog Husky Mix, you better make sure you have the time and energy to take them for a walk or run each day.

Grooming and Cleaning

If you’re thinking of getting a French Bulldog and Husky Mix, then you might be wondering about their grooming needs. Well, the good news is that these furry friends aren’t high maintenance. You won’t have to worry about giving them haircuts because they won’t need it. However, you should expect some serious shedding, especially during the spring and fall seasons.

Also, keep in mind that your French Bulldog Husky Mix might have wrinkly skin that needs special attention. You’ll want to make sure to clean any folds or creases in their skin to prevent infections or other skin issues. So, don’t forget to give them some extra TLC when it comes to grooming and cleaning!

Grooming needFrequency
Hair brushing1-2 times a week
Bathing4-6 weeks or as needed
Skin-fold cleaningEvery two weeks with a damp cloth
Ear cleaningEvery two weeks
Tooth cleaning2-3 times a week
HaircuttingNot needed
Nail trimmingMonthly

Are French Bulldog Husky Mixes Hypoallergenic?

No, this breed may look unique, but it isn’t suitable for people with allergies. The French Bulldog and Husky Mix sheds quite a bit, which can cause allergic reactions. So, if you or someone in your household is sensitive to dander or fur, it’s best to look for another breed.

Food and Diet

When it comes to your French Bulldog Husky Mix’s diet, it’s important to keep it top-notch! You should always have high-quality dog food and fresh water available at all times.

It’s recommended to feed your furry friend two to three portions of dog food a day, so they can get all the necessary nutrients. But don’t overdo it on the portions! The French Bullsky is prone to obesity and diabetes, which are common health issues inherited from the French Bulldog.

And here’s a pro-tip: never take your French Bullsky out for a run or any physical activity right after they’ve eaten. Give them some time to rest and digest their food. This will help prevent any stomach issues and keep them healthy and happy!

Common Health Issues

is French Bullsky healthy?

The French Bulldog Husky mix, like any other hybrid breed, comes with its own set of health risks, which prospective pet owners must take into account before making the ultimate decision to bring home a mixed breed dog.

1. Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a perplexing joint disorder that can affect both hip joints of your furry friend, leading to substantial pain, stiffness, and mobility issues. In extreme cases, it can even hinder their ability to walk or run correctly, depriving them of a fulfilling life. It’s a bursty condition that can progress to the point of limiting lower body functionality, leaving your pup in agony.

2. Eye problems

Huskies have a notorious reputation for experiencing multiple eye issues, such as cataracts, corneal ulcers, and progressive retinal atrophy. Unfortunately, these problems may also afflict a French Bulldog Husky Mix, and if left unaddressed, they could lead to severe consequences, including blindness.

3. Skinfold Dermatitis

Frenchie Huskies with wrinkly skin are susceptible to skin fold dermatitis, which can cause the skin to collect moisture and dirt around the neck, chest, and stomach. This condition can result in redness and irritation and is often caused by poor hygiene.

4. Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism in dogs is a condition where the thyroid gland produces an excessive amount of thyroxine, making it overactive. The thyroid gland is located in the neck and produces hormones that regulate various bodily functions. When the gland becomes overactive, it can lead to a range of symptoms, including weight loss, increased appetite, digestive problems, and an irregular heartbeat.

5. Allergies

These cuties can be allergic to all sorts of things, including things in the environment and food. The symptoms of an allergy can be as varied as skin irritation, excessive scratching, and even vomiting. So keep an eye out for these issues and talk to your vet about treatment options.

6. Obesity

Obesity is a major concern for the French Bulldog Husky Mix. This doggo can easily gain weight and become unhealthy, which can lead to a variety of health problems. It’s essential to provide a balanced diet and lots of exercise to keep your pet in shape. Inadequate physical activity and too many treats can cause your pet to put on weight and negatively affect their overall health. So, keep a close eye on your dog’s diet and exercise routine to prevent obesity.

7. Canine Degenerative Myelopathy

Canine Degenerative Myelopathy is a mystifying muscle condition that can gradually cause paralysis in dogs. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease. Hence, it’s crucial to get your French Bulldog Husky Mix tested as early as possible for this disease, as early detection can help prolong your pet’s mobility.

How Long Does French Bulldog Husky Mix Live?

The lifespan of a French Bulldog Husky Mix varies depending on several factors, including genetics and lifestyle. On average, these dogs can live up to 10 to 16 years, which is relatively long compared to other dog breeds. 

However, the lifespan can be shortened if your pet suffers from any of the health issues we previously mentioned. To ensure your furry friend lives a long and healthy life, make sure to provide them with proper care, including regular exercise, healthy dietary habits, and routine checkups with your veterinarian.

How Much Is The Price of French Bulldog Husky Mix? 

The cost of a French Bullsky can leave you scratching your head as it can differ based on the pedigree of their parents. It can be quite hard to put a fixed price on them.

However, compared to purebred dogs, crossbreeds like the French Bulldog Husky Mix may be easier on your pocketbook, ranging from $300 to $800.

If you’re looking to save money and provide a dog with a loving home, check local shelters for any French Bullskies up for adoption. You may find the perfect furry companion for your family.

Is French Bulldog Husky Mix Right For Me?

The French Bulldog Husky Mix hybrid is a magnificent addition to any household and here’s why.

  • First and foremost, this amalgamation of dog breeds is neither too big nor too small, but rather a perfect medium size that can easily fit into any living space without much hassle. This implies that you need not worry about providing a colossal abode for your new furry companion.
  • However, what you do need to ponder upon is the amount of time and devotion you’ll be able to provide to your new four-legged friend. French Bullskies have an insatiable appetite for physical activity, and as a consequence, you’ll have to escort them outside more frequently than some of their couch potato counterparts. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of regular exercise for this highly spirited dog.
  • It’s crucial to never leave your French Bulldog Husky crossbred canine alone at home for prolonged periods as they tend to get dejected and frustrated, leading to undesirable outcomes for both you and your pet.
  • Furthermore, early socialization and consistent training are indispensable. Once you bring home your French Bullsky puppy, commence positive reinforcement training promptly. You’ll be astounded at how fast they pick up on things, especially if you lure them with some delectable treats!

Before you decide to bring home a French Bullsky, it’s vital to assess your daily routine and lifestyle. Ask yourself if you’re prepared to become a dog owner of an energetic, sometimes obstinate French Bullsky.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is another name for French Bulldog Husky Mix?

The mixed breed of Siberian Husky and French Bulldog is commonly referred to by a variety of names. Whether you call it the French Bulldog and Husky Mix, Husky and French Bulldog Mix, French Bulldog Mix with Husky, or Husky Frenchie Mix, it’s all the same breed. However, the most widely used name for this hybrid breed is the French Bullsky.


In conclusion, the French Bulldog Husky Mix is a charming and fascinating hybrid breed that offers a perfect combination of the French Bulldog’s cuteness and the Siberian Husky’s energetic personality. This affectionate and playful dog makes an excellent companion for families, individuals, or those who live in smaller homes.

With their high energy levels and intelligence, the French Bulldog Husky Mix loves to engage in physical activities and learn new tricks, making them a great choice for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a snuggle buddy or an adventure partner, the French Bulldog Husky Mix is a breed worth considering for anyone seeking a lovable and unique pet.

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