Fluffy French Bulldog: A Powerful Elixir of Love & Laughter

Meet the Fluffy French Bulldog, a captivating twist on the beloved breed. This adorable canine stands out from the crowd with its soft and plush double coat. Its fluffy appearance, coupled with its playful personality, makes it a cherished companion in households worldwide.

Prepare to be captivated by the charm of the Fluffy French Bulldog—a breed that guarantees boundless joy and cuddly companionship.

What Is A Fluffy French Bulldog?

An introduction about Fluffy Fenchie

A Fluffy French Bulldog, also called a Fluffy Frenchie, is a unique variation of the purebred breed characterized by its long and fluffy fur. This distinctive fur results from a Fibroblast Growth Factor 5 (FGF5) gene mutation, making the Fluffy Frenchie a scarce find. Despite the long hair, the Fluffy Frenchie remains 100% French Bulldog, sharing all the traits and qualities of the regular counterpart, with the sole difference being their luxurious coat.

These adorable canines boast longer hair all over their bodies, particularly around their ears, accentuating their already charming pushed-in noses. Unsurprisingly, their irresistible cuteness and distinctive appearance make them highly sought after. However, due to their rarity, Fluffy French Bulldogs have a higher price tag.

It’s important to note that Fluffy Frenchie’s appearance is not achieved by crossbreeding with other fluffy dogs. Instead, it results from a rare gene introduced to the breed at some point. This recessive gene requires both parents to possess and pass it on to their offspring to produce a Fluffy Frenchie.

History of French Bulldog

The history of the Fluffy French Bulldog and the French Bulldog itself traces back to the early 19th century when the breed was initially known as the toy bulldog in England. During this time, these dogs were primarily used in the cruel sport of bull-baiting, where they were pitted against bulls. This activity often ended unfavorably for the dogs, and in 1835, the practice was officially banned.

Following the outlawing of bull-baiting, breeders set out to refine the toy bulldog by eliminating its aggressive tendencies. They achieved this by introducing terrier bloodlines into the breed, resulting in smaller dogs with some developing erect bat ears. Interestingly, the emergence of bat ears was not considered desirable in England, leading to the exportation of these “bat-eared” dogs to France.

However, what was initially seen as rejects found their way into the hearts of the French social elites, and the distinctive bat ear trait was embraced and encouraged, ultimately becoming one of the defining features of the French Bulldog we know today.

The origin of the long hair gene in the Fluffy French Bulldog remains a mystery. Whether this gene was a natural occurrence or intentionally introduced is still being determined. Regardless of its origins, one thing is sure: the fluffy hair found in these dogs is a delightful and serendipitous occurrence that captivates anyone who sees a Fluffy Frenchie.

What Does a Fluffy Frenchie Look Like?

Physical appearance of Fluffy French Bulldog

Regarding their appearance, the Fluffy French Bulldog showcases a unique twist on the traditional smooth coat of regular Frenchies. While they are often referred to as long-haired French Bulldogs, their fur is more of a medium length, striking a balance between short and long.

The distinguishing feature of the Fluffy Frenchie is their wavy coat, which is particularly noticeable on their chest, ears, and neck. These areas tend to showcase the fluffy charm that sets them apart.

Beyond their distinct fur, Fluffy French Bulldogs bear a striking resemblance to their smooth-coated counterparts. They exhibit the same small and stocky build, characterized by a well-muscled body. Their large upright ears and signature short tails add to their adorable appeal. And, of course, they proudly sport the iconic flat snout that is a hallmark of the French Bulldog breed.

So, while their fur may set them apart, Fluffy Frenchies retain all the endearing characteristics and features that make French Bulldogs so beloved.

Size, height, and weight 

Fluffy French Bulldogs, much like their short-haired counterparts, typically reach a weight range of 20-30 lbs when fully grown, boasting a robust, compact, and sturdy physique. Their size is influenced by genetics and lifestyle factors, such as exercise frequency, backyard access, other pets’ presence, and diet.

Male Frenchies exhibit greater strength and stockiness when comparing genders, characterized by larger heads and broader chests. On the other hand, female Frenchies tend to be slightly smaller and possess less muscularity. Females weigh approximately 5 lbs less than males, with adult sizes averaging around 25 lbs, while their male counterparts can reach up to 30 lbs.

Coat colors and types

Fluffy Frenchies exhibit diverse color variations, encompassing the entire spectrum found within the breed. 

From the conventional hues and patterns such as black, fawn, and brindle to the more distinctive shades like blue, lilac, tan, and merle, they offer a wide range of choices to suit individual preferences. 

Whatever your favored color may be, you will likely discover it among these delightful companions’ extensive and varied color variations.

Temperament and Personality 

Fluffy French Bulldogs, much like their fellow Frenchies, are renowned for their remarkable personalities. They possess extraordinary affection, rendering them ideal companion dogs who yearn to share every precious moment with their owners. 

Their innate friendliness extends to children and other animals; they are fond of practically anyone they encounter! These little clowns are known for eliciting smiles by engaging in silly antics. 

With their easy-going nature, fluffy Frenchies effortlessly adapt to various lifestyles, swiftly embracing their surroundings regardless of the location.


Is French Bulldog easy to train?

Training a Fluffy French Bulldog is a delightful experience, thanks to their eager-to-please nature. These pups are naturally inclined towards being sociable and friendly with humans and other dogs, making socialization training a relatively easy task.

While Fluffy Frenchies may occasionally exhibit a touch of stubbornness, employing positive reinforcement techniques is critical to fostering their obedience. Rewarding good behavior with praise and treats helps to reinforce desired actions and behaviors.

Having a stash of yummy treats readily available during training sessions can be a helpful tool in capturing their attention and motivation. With patience, consistency, and the right incentives, you’ll find that training your Fluffy Frenchie becomes an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor.

Exercise Requirements

Ensuring the proper exercise regimen for your Fluffy French Bulldog is essential to their overall health and well-being. It’s important to note that exercise requirements vary based on your furry companion’s age, individual health, and preferences.

For young puppies under 12 months, it’s crucial to avoid excessive exercise that may strain their developing joints and impact their future mobility. Instead, focus on short and light walks, allowing frequent rest intervals. This gentle approach promotes healthy growth while still providing necessary physical stimulation.

As your Fluffy Frenchie ages, their exercise needs may increase, but observing their limits is vital. Pay close attention to any signs of fatigue or difficulty during activities. If your dog shows signs of exhaustion or struggles to keep up, it’s best to return home and allow them to rest.

Grooming and Cleaning

Fluffy French Bulldogs require regular grooming to keep their longer hair looking its best. 

  • Unlike their short-haired counterparts, these pups need more upkeep to maintain their coat’s shine and manage to shed. Brushing their fur once a week using a soft brush will help keep their coats in excellent condition while minimizing shedding.
  • One aspect easily overlooked in Fluffy French Bulldogs is their skin folds. Although less prominent than in short-haired Frenchies, keeping these folds clean and well-maintained is essential. Regularly check and clean the skin folds to prevent any buildup of dirt or moisture.
  • When bathing, it’s best to do so only when necessary. If your Fluffy Frenchie’s coat feels dirty or has an unpleasant odor, it’s time for a bath. However, be mindful not to bathe them too frequently, as it can dry their skin and increase shedding. Instead, use doggy wipes between bathing sessions to keep them fresh and clean. It is helpful to alternate between bathing and wiping, based on when I notice their coat needs a refresh.

Incorporating these grooming practices into your Fluffy French Bulldog’s routine can help them maintain a healthy coat and overall cleanliness.

Are Fluffy French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic?

No, Fluffy French Bulldogs are not considered hypoallergenic dogs. They do shed throughout the year, meaning that individuals allergic to dog hair or dander may experience allergic reactions in their presence. If you have allergies, you must know that a Fluffy Frenchie may not be the most suitable breed for you.

However, if you do not have allergies or are not specifically sensitive to dog-related allergens, you can still enjoy the company of a Fluffy French Bulldog. By incorporating regular grooming practices into their care routine, such as brushing their coat to minimize loose hair, you can help manage their shedding and reduce allergens in your living environment.

Food and Diet

When it comes to the diet of Fluffy French Bulldogs, it’s essential to ensure they receive the appropriate amount of calories to maintain their overall health. Generally, they require around 25 to 35 calories per pound of body weight daily.

A natural diet is recommended, focusing on high-quality protein sources such as beef, fish, or chicken. If you prefer to provide canned food, choosing organic dry kibble that is low in carbohydrates can be a suitable option.

Due to the potential allergens, sticking to their regular diet is crucial to avoid adverse reactions. When introducing new foods, it’s advisable to do so gradually and monitor for possible side effects.

By providing a balanced and nutritious diet tailored to their specific needs, you can help ensure the well-being and vitality of your beloved Fluffy Frenchie.

Common Health Issues

Fluffy French Bulldogs, unfortunately, have a predisposition to specific health issues. Their smaller size, intensive selective breeding, and distinctive snout structure contribute to these concerns.

 Prospective owners need to be aware of these common health issues and take necessary precautions to ensure the well-being of their furry companions.

Is Fluffy French Bulldog healthy?

1. Breathing issues

Fluffy French Bulldogs can face breathing difficulties due to Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome. This condition results from certain anatomical features, including a narrow soft palate, small nostrils, and large tonsils obstructing their airways. This can lead to symptoms like loud breathing, snoring, and trouble breathing during physical activity, causing discomfort and respiratory distress.

To care for Fluffy French Bulldogs, owners should ensure a well-ventilated living space, protect them from extreme temperatures, and avoid excessive exercise or strenuous activities.

2. Tracheal collapse

Tracheal collapse can affect Fluffy French Bulldogs, leading to breathing difficulties. This condition weakens and narrows the windpipe, causing symptoms like coughing, wheezing, and labored breathing, especially during activity.

Owners should watch for signs of tracheal collapse and consult a vet if their dog shows respiratory distress. Management options include:

  • Weight control.
  • Using a harness instead of a collar.
  • Avoiding activities that strain the airway.

In severe cases, surgery may be needed to improve breathing.

3. Laryngeal paralysis

Laryngeal paralysis affects a dog’s ability to breathe due to weakened or paralyzed larynx muscles. This leads to symptoms like loud, raspy breathing, coughing, and exercise intolerance, especially in warm weather or during exertion.

If suspected, consult a vet for examination and diagnostic tests. Treatment may involve weight management, avoiding heat, harnessing, and providing a stress-free environment. In severe cases, laryngeal tie-back surgery can help restore better airflow.

How Long Does a Fluffy Frenchie Live?

Like all French Bulldogs, the Fluffy French Bulldogs generally have a lifespan of 10 to 14 years with proper care. While they can lead healthy lives, owners need to be aware of certain health tendencies within the breed.

How Much is the Price of a Fluffy French Bulldog?

The price of Fluffy French Bulldogs reflects their remarkable rarity and uniqueness within the Frenchie realm, rendering them quite expensive. The cost varies significantly and primarily hinges on their color and gender.

 Standard-colored fluffy puppies generally carry a price tag of around 10,000 USD, whereas those with distinctive hues such as lilac, tan, and merle can command up to 19,000 USD. It is worth noting that female Frenchies typically have a higher price point compared to their male counterparts.

Is Fluffy Frenchie Right For Me?

The ideal owner of a fluffy Frenchie encompasses not just French Bulldog breeders but any responsible dog enthusiast. However, there are essential factors to consider before welcoming a Frenchie into your life. 

  • First and foremost, it is crucial to recognize that they are companion dogs, necessitating constant care and attention. If your lifestyle involves leaving a puppy unattended for extended periods, a Frenchie may not be the most suitable breed for you.
  • Financial considerations also come into play. Acquiring a fluffy Frenchie is one aspect, but the ongoing maintenance is an entirely different story. Regular visits to the veterinarian for mandatory vaccinations incur costs. Additionally, illnesses can arise at any age, further necessitating veterinary care. Vet expenses can be substantial, but having pet insurance can help mitigate medical costs.
  • Geographical location is another vital aspect to contemplate. While all French Bulldogs are susceptible to overheating due to their flat faces, fluffy Frenchies face additional risks due to their thick, long coats. Therefore, if you reside in an area characterized by hot and humid climates, opting for a regular short-haired Frenchie puppy might be more suitable.

Ultimately, becoming the caregiver of a fluffy Frenchie requires thoughtful consideration of their companion nature, financial responsibilities, and environmental factors to ensure a harmonious and fulfilling relationship between owner and dog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Frenchies fluffy?

The fluffiness of French Bulldogs can be attributed to the presence of a rare genetic trait known as the LH gene, scientifically referred to as the Fibroblast Growth Factor. 

This unique gene is responsible for their long hair, granting them their distinctively furry appearance.

Do fluffy Frenchies Shed A Lot?

No, Fluffy French Bulldogs do not shed excessively compared to their short-haired counterparts, although the presence of their long hair may make it more noticeable on furniture and other surfaces. 

Engaging in regular grooming sessions, particularly during the spring and fall seasons, is advisable. This helps maintain their coat and minimize shedding concerns, ensuring their fur remains in good condition.

Are fluffy Frenchies Rare?

Yes, fluffy French Bulldogs are rare. The rarity of fluffy French Bulldogs can be attributed to their genetics. These dogs possess a specific LH gene responsible for their long fur; for a puppy to display the fluffy trait, it must inherit two of these genes. 

French Bulldogs with a single LH gene have a regular short coat but are still valuable to breeders. When two LH gene carriers are bred together, there is a chance of producing fluffy offspring, although the odds are relatively low. 

The assurance of long-haired pups only comes when two visually fluffy French Bulldogs are intentionally paired together, further contributing to their rarity.

Why are fluffy Frenchies more expensive than other Frenchies?

Fluffy French Bulldogs command a higher price than their short-haired counterparts due to their exceptional rarity and uniqueness. 

This can be attributed to the rare LH gene they carry, which sets them apart. The scarcity of this gene within the breed contributes to the increased cost of acquiring a fluffy Frenchie.

Are Long-Haired French Bulldogs Purebred?

Yes, Long-Haired French Bulldogs are purebred. Fluffy French Bulldogs are purebred French Bulldogs, and their fluffy fur is not the result of crossbreeding with other dog breeds. Instead, it is caused by a mutation in their fur gene, which gives them their unique and charming long coat. 

So, despite their distinct appearance, Fluffy Frenchies are 100% purebred French Bulldogs, just with an extra dose of fluffiness.


In conclusion, the Fluffy French Bulldog is an enchanting breed that combines the particular characteristics of the French Bulldog with a unique and fluffy coat. Their irresistibly soft fur, playful nature, and unwavering loyalty make them a perfect addition to any home. 

Whether you’re seeking a cuddly companion or a source of endless amusement, the Fluffy French Bulldog promises to capture your heart with its charm and bring boundless joy to your life. Embrace the soft embrace of this delightful breed and experience the love and companionship they offer, one snuggle at a time.

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