Grey French Bulldog: A Unique and Charming Canine

Meet the Grey French Bulldog, also known as the Blue French Bulldog. With its beautiful blue-gray coat and irresistible charm, this breed stands out as a stylish and elegant companion. 

Beyond its stunning appearance, it possesses all the lovable qualities that have made French Bulldogs so cherished. With its affectionate nature, playful spirit, and low-maintenance grooming, the Grey French Bulldog is a perfect addition to any loving home. 

Get ready to be captivated by this unique and delightful breed, which brings joy and unconditional love.

A Brief Overview of Grey French Bulldog

Size Small
Purity Purebred
Purpose Companion dog
AKC Recognition Yes
Weight17 – 28 pounds 
Height 11 – 13 inches 
Coat Colors Gray, Light Gray 
Lifespan 10 – 12 years 
Puppy Costs$4,000 upwards
A brief summary of Grey Frenchie

What is a Grey French Bulldog?

An introduction about Grey French Bulldog

Grey French Bulldogs are an intriguing variation of the breed. With a vast array of colors and patterns available among Frenchies, each has a unique appearance. 

While the American Kennel Club officially recognizes specific colors, Grey is not among them. 

Nevertheless, it is regarded as one of the more unique and distinctive coat colors in French Bulldogs.

What Makes Bulldogs Have Grey Appearance?

Curious about the striking appearance of Grey French Bulldogs? Their captivating grey color is attributed to a recessive gene influencing the black coat color found in standard French Bulldogs. 

However, the effects of this recessive gene only become evident when an individual inherits two copies of the gene, one from each parent.

What make Frenchie have grey coat?

1. Dilution gene

Aptly named the “dilution gene,” it acts upon the black pigment, diluting it to a mesmerizing grayish-blue hue commonly referred to as “blue” or “grey.” 

Notably, French Bulldogs with a single copy of this gene will showcase black coats themselves, yet they retain the ability to pass on this gene to their offspring.

2. Inheritance of the Dilution Gene

To produce a Grey Frenchie, it is essential for both parents to either possess the Grey coat themselves or carry a single copy of the dilution gene.

 If one parent is Grey while the other is black but carries the dilution gene, there is a 50% chance that their offspring will inherit the Grey coat. 

However, if both parents carry one copy of the gene, the likelihood decreases to 25% for their offspring to be Grey.

3. Health concerns

While these distinctive pups are popular and captivating, it’s crucial to note that the dilution gene responsible for their unique blue coloration can raise health concerns.

Specifically, this gene has been associated with skin sensitivities and hair loss. As responsible owners, we must be aware of these potential issues and adequately care for our beloved pets.

Genetic testing can play a significant role in identifying any potential health conditions related to this gene, ensuring proactive measures can be taken to safeguard the well-being of Grey French Bulldogs.

History of French Bulldog

Grey French Bulldogs have a rich history dating back approximately 150 to 200 years in England. These charming canines belong to a sub-family of the Molossus breed, which traces its roots to ancient Grecian times. Other sub-families from the Molossus breed include esteemed breeds like Rottweilers, Newfoundlands, and Pit Bulls. Grey French Bulldogs have always been an integral part of this diverse lineage.

Over time, the development of these dogs unfolded across England, America, and France. Initially bred for bullbaiting, a practice that involved confronting and intimidating tethered bulls, Grey French Bulldogs displayed their courage and tenacity. 

However, with the outlawing of bullbaiting in the 1830s, these Bulldogs needed a specific purpose. Enterprising breeders shifted their focus toward creating smaller dogs, shaping them into the cherished companions we adore today. Through careful breeding and selection, the endearing and affectionate nature of the French Bulldog was honed.

Interesting Facts You Need To Know 

When it comes to the Grey French Bulldog, a few unique facts make them stand out among their canine counterparts. Here are the top three fascinating features worth knowing:

Interesting Facts about Grey Frenchie

In 2021, Grey French Bulldogs and their French Bulldog counterparts claimed the second spot in the list of most popular dog breeds in the United States, as reported by the American Kennel Club. These charming dogs are known for their endearing qualities, including sweetness, affection towards their families, and a keen sense of vigilance. Grey French Bulldogs quickly alert their loved ones to potential intruders or suspicious activity.

This recognition highlights the special place Grey French Bulldogs have in the hearts of dog enthusiasts nationwide. Their adorability, loyalty, and protective instincts have earned them a devoted following among dog lovers.

2. Different Because of Their Coat Color

Grey French Bulldogs stand out due to their unique coat color, setting them apart from other French Bulldogs. These charming companions boast a delightful range of gray shades, from soft, light tones to deep charcoals. Despite their distinct coloration, Grey French Bulldogs share the same genetics, distinctive features, and endearing personality traits as their counterparts with different hues.

Like any other French Bulldog, Grey Frenchies possess signature charm, adorable smushy faces, and lovable personalities. Their playful and affectionate nature and innate curiosity remain consistent regardless of their coat color. Whether they wear Grey, fawn, brindle, or any other coat variation, Grey French Bulldogs are cherished companions that bring joy and companionship to their families.

While Grey French Bulldogs may catch your eye with their striking coat color, it’s important to remember that their inherent qualities and cherished traits are shared with their fellow French Bulldog brethren, making them equally delightful and unique members of the breed.

What Does a Grey-French Bulldog Look Like?

Grey French Bulldogs have the same physical characteristics as their counterparts in different colors. 

  • They possess a solid, well-built body, rounded back, and sturdy frame. 
  • Their necks are thick, and their chests are broad and deep, leading to a compact body structure. 
  • The tail is short and can be straight or screw-shaped.
  • Their head is large and square, featuring a flat muzzle. 
  • The ears are erect, resembling the shape of a bat, with a broad base and rounded tips. The eyes are round, set low on the head, and spaced apart. While most Grey French Bulldogs have brown eyes, some may exhibit blue or green eye colors.
  • Their coat is short and smooth, and the skin around the head and shoulders is loose and wrinkled, adding to their distinctive appearance.

Size, height, and weight 

Grey French Bulldogs typically reach their full size in terms of height and weight between 8 to 12 months of age. While males tend to be slightly heavier than females, their height is generally similar.

By the time they reach 12 to 14 months of age, they are considered fully grown Grey French Bulldogs. However, they may continue to develop and fill out in the chest area until they are around two years old.

Miniature or small variants are available if you’re looking for a more miniature Grey French Bulldog. These dogs typically have a shoulder height of fewer than 11 inches and weigh between 5 and 14 pounds.

Height Weight 
Male 11 – 13 inches20 – 28 pounds 
Female 11 – 13 inches17 – 24 pounds
A brief overview of French Bulldog’s size

Coat colors and types

1. Full Grey

physical appearance of grey Frenchie

Let’s delve into the world of Full Grey French Bulldogs, also known as Blue Frenchies. Their beautiful coat presents a diluted black appearance, ultimately manifesting as a stunning shade of Grey.


physical appearance of grey and white Frenchie

This charming variation features a predominantly white coat adorned with eye-catching grey spots. 

Regarding patch patterns, it resembles the Pied Frenchie, showcasing a beautiful arrangement of distinctive patches.

Temperament and Personality

The temperament and personality of Grey French Bulldogs are characterized by their affectionate, gentle, and loyal nature. They make lovely canine companions and are known for their adaptability, whether they have a large backyard to roam or a smaller living space.

However, Grey-French Bulldogs can sometimes be stubborn. While their loving nature shines through, their independent streak may require patience and consistent training.

Are Grey French Bulldogs a good fit for families?

Certainly! Grey French Bulldogs make fantastic family pets. They are known for their friendly and non-aggressive nature, which allows them to coexist harmoniously with children and other pets in the household. 

Their playful demeanor and minimal barking make them well-suited for families in apartments or smaller living spaces.

Are Grey French Bulldogs affectionate?

Absolutely! Grey French Bulldogs are known for their affectionate nature. They have a strong bond with their owners and enjoy being near them. 

You can expect your Grey Frenchie to be a loyal companion who eagerly follows you, showering you affectionately. Their devotion and desire to be near their human family members make them fantastic and loving pets.


When training a Grey-French Bulldog, patience and consistency are key. While these dogs are intelligent, they can also be a bit stubborn. 

To encourage good behavior, it’s important to reinforce positive actions with treats and plenty of affectionate praise. You can effectively teach your Grey Frenchie new commands and tricks using positive reinforcement techniques and consistent training. 

Remember to be patient and understanding throughout the training process, as it may take some time for your furry friend to grasp certain concepts. You can help your Grey Frenchie become a well-behaved and obedient companion with the right approach and lots of love.

Exercise Requirements

A Grey French Bulldog has minimal exercise requirements due to their susceptibility to heat exhaustion. About an hour of light exercises, such as walking, divided into two sessions per day is ideal for them.

Living Conditions

The Grey French Bulldog is a delightful choice as a pet in various living situations. Whether you reside in an apartment, a household with a fenced yard, or even a farm or ranch, these lovable companions can adapt and bring joy to your life.

Grey French Bulldogs can thrive in an apartment setting if they receive their daily walks. Regular exercise and mental stimulation are vital for their overall well-being, and taking them on walks allows them to expend energy and explore their surroundings.

Grey French Bulldogs can truly flourish for those fortunate to have a household with a fenced yard. The availability of a secure outdoor space enables them to engage in play and recreation and bask in the fresh air. This additional freedom contributes to their happiness and contentment.

Grey French Bulldogs also adapt well to farm and ranch environments. With their versatility and adaptability, they can integrate seamlessly into the bustling life of such settings. Their loyal and friendly disposition makes them cherished companions for work and leisure activities.

Grooming and Cleaning 

Despite their short hair, Grey French Bulldogs can shed more than expected. 

  • Brushing their coat at least three times a week is recommended to manage to shed. Be prepared for loose fur and dander around your home, especially on furniture, upholstery, carpets, and floors where your Grey Frenchie likes to spend time.
  • For bathing your Grey Frenchie, it’s generally recommended to do so once a month. 
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene is also essential, so brushing their teeth 3 to 4 times weekly.
  • Regularly checking and cleaning your Frenchie’s ears with doggy ear wipes every two weeks can help prevent infections. 
  • Lastly, keeping their nails trimmed is crucial for their comfort and mobility. 
Grooming Needs Grooming Frequency 
Hair Brushing 3 to 4x weekly
Bathing Once a month
Nail Trimming As needed
Teeth Brushing 3 to 4x weekly
A brief summary of how to groom a Grey Frenchie

Food and Diet

Finding the right food can be a trial-and-error process when feeding your Grey French Bulldog. These dogs have sensitive stomachs and are prone to skin allergies, so paying attention to their reactions is essential.

Food intolerance can manifest as flatulence and skin irritations. It may take patience and experimentation to discover the ideal protein source that suits your furry friend’s needs.

Common Health Issues

It’s a fact that certain colors of French Bulldogs are prone to specific health issues. Unfortunately, Grey happens to be one of those colors.

While it’s disheartening to acknowledge this, knowing the potential health problems that can affect grey French bulldogs is essential. 

By understanding these risks, we can take proactive measures to ensure these remarkable dogs’ well-being and quality of life.

Is Grey Frenchie healthy?

1. Allergies

Allergies can concern French Bulldogs, as they may develop sensitivities to various environmental factors such as pollen, dust, and certain types of food. 

If your Frenchie experiences allergies, you may notice common symptoms such as itching, skin irritation, and digestive issues. Be mindful of these potential allergies and provide appropriate care to keep your furry friend comfortable and healthy.

2. Breathing issues

French Bulldogs are prone to breathing issues due to their short snouts and flat faces, which can lead to various respiratory problems. 

These include narrowed nostrils, known as stenotic nares, which can restrict airflow, making it challenging for Frenchies to breathe comfortably. 

Another condition is an elongated soft palate, where the soft tissue at the back of the throat obstructs the airway, further exacerbating breathing difficulties. 

Additionally, tracheal collapse, where the windpipe collapses or flattens, can affect their ability to breathe correctly.

Frenchie owners should closely monitor their pets, seek veterinary care if any respiratory issues arise, and provide an environment that helps alleviate breathing problems to ensure their well-being.

3. Joint problems

French Bulldogs often suffer from joint problems, a prevalent health concern in the breed. Conditions like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation (knee joint dislocation), and arthritis can severely affect their well-being, causing discomfort and mobility issues. These issues can lead to pain and restricted movement.

As a responsible owner, it’s crucial to provide proper care, regular exercise, and consult with a veterinarian to manage and alleviate these conditions, ensuring your beloved Frenchie’s better quality of life.

4. Spinal issues

French Bulldogs can be prone to spinal issues, including hemivertebrae, a spinal deformity where vertebrae are malformed, and intervertebral disc disease, which involves disc degeneration or rupture between vertebrae. And degenerative myelopathy, a progressive spinal cord disease.

Monitoring your Frenchie’s well-being and promptly seeking veterinary care if any symptoms arise is crucial to address these spinal health concerns.

5. Eye problems

French Bulldogs are prone to various eye problems, including cherry eye, cataracts, entropion, and distichiasis. These conditions can impact their eye health. Monitoring your Frenchie’s eyes and seeking veterinary care if any issues arise is crucial. Vigilance and proper maintenance are vital to ensuring your Frenchie’s eye health.

6. Dilution Alopecia ( CDA )

Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA) is a hereditary skin disease primarily affecting dogs with diluted coat colors like Grey, Blue, Lilac, and Blue Fawn. CDA is characterized by dry, flaky, itchy skin, hair thinning, and loss.

Diagnosing CDA involves ruling out other possible issues, as there is currently no cure for this condition. Symptoms typically appear between 6 months and 2-3 years of age. However, CDA can be managed with moisturizers, dietary adjustments, and vitamin supplementation.

Recognizing CDA symptoms is crucial, including thinning hair, a dry and lackluster coat, hyperpigmentation, and progressive hair loss starting as patches. There is no genetic test for CDA, but with vigilance and proper care, Grey French Bulldogs affected by this condition can still lead healthy lives.

How Long Does a Grey-French Bulldog Live?

With proper care, you can expect the companionship of a Grey French Bulldog for an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

How Much is The Price of a Grey French Bulldog?

When it comes to the price of Grey French Bulldogs, you can expect to invest around $4,000 to $9,000 for a puppy. However, it’s essential to remember that the actual cost may differ based on your specific location and other factors. 

Prices can vary between different breeders and regions. Doing thorough research and connecting with reputable breeders is always recommended to ensure you get a healthy and well-cared-for Grey Frenchie at a fair price.

Is Grey French Bulldog Right For Me?

If you’re a first-time dog owner seeking a calm and patient companion, the Grey French Bulldog may be the right choice. Their low exercise requirements and friendly nature suit families with children. 

However, being financially prepared for potential medical expenses is essential, as this breed is prone to specific health issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the AKC recognize the Grey French Bulldog?

Unfortunately, Grey French Bulldogs, also known as blue Frenchies, are not officially recognized as one of the colors by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Are Grey Frenchies purebred? 

Certainly! While it’s important to note that the presence of a Grey coat does not guarantee purebred status for a French Bulldog, it is indeed possible for a Grey Frenchie to be purebred. 

Are Grey Frenchies Rare?

Yes, Grey-French Bulldogs are indeed considered rare. Achieving a grey coat in French Bulldogs requires the inheritance of two copies of the recessive gene responsible for diluting the black color. Since French Bulldog litters typically consist of 2 to 4 puppies, the chances of obtaining a gray coat are relatively small.

What is another name for Grey French Bulldog?

A Grey French Bulldog goes by various names, including Grey Frenchie, Frenchie Gray, Frenchie Grey, or even a Blue French Bulldog.


In conclusion, the Grey French Bulldog epitomizes a perfect blend of style, charm, and affection. Its mesmerizing blue-gray coat sets it apart, capturing the attention of all who encounter it. 

Beyond its stunning appearance, this breed embodies the lovable qualities that have made French Bulldogs popular among dog lovers. With its playful nature, strong bonds with human companions, and low-maintenance grooming needs, the Grey French Bulldog brings joy and companionship to any household. 

Whether drawn to its unique aesthetics or seeking a devoted companion, the Grey French Bulldog will surely steal your heart and become a cherished family member.

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